Southern New England SKYWARN Frequency List



146.910/146.310: MT Greylock Western MA, Berkshire County PL: 162.2 Hz
146.940/146.340: MT Tom Western MA (Conn. River Valley, MA.)PL: 127.3 Hz
146.985/146.385: Greenfield Franklin County MA PL: 136.5 Hz
146.970/146.370: Paxton Worcester County MA PL: 114.8 Hz Co-Primary #
146.925/146.325: Worcester Worcester County MA PL: 100.0 Hz Backup #
145.370/144.770: Gardner Northern Worcester County MA PL: 136.5 Hz ####
145.450/144.850: Fitchburg Northern Worcester County MA PL: 74.4 Hz ####
146.955/146.355: Westford Essex, Middlesex Counties MA PL: 74.4 Hz
145.470/144.870: Danvers Essex, Middlesex Counties MA PL: 136.5 Hz
146.640/146.040: Waltham Essex, Middlesex and Norfolk Counties MA (Co-Primary) PL: 136.5 #
145.230/144.630: Boston Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk and Norfolk Counties MA (Co-Primary) PL 88.5 Hz #
146.625/146.025: West Newbury Northern Middlesex/Essex County MA PL: 131.8 Hz
146.895/146.295: Walpole Norfolk and Northern Bristol Counties MA PL: 123.0 Hz
147.195/147.795: Attleboro Northern Bristol County MA Alternate PL: 127.3 Hz
147.180/147.780: Bridgewater South Shore, MA PL: 67.0 Hz
147.225/147.825: Whitman South Shore, MA Alternate for 147.180 PL: 67.0 Hz
147.000/147.600: Dartmouth South Coastal MA and RI PL: 67.0 Hz (Also has IRLP Liaison Link) – Primary
145.490/144.890: Fairhaven South Coastal MA and RI PL: 67.0 Hz (Also has IRLP liaison link) – Secondary
146.685/146.085: Plymouth South Coastal Plymouth County PL: 131.8 Hz
146.955/146.355: Dennis Cape Cod and the Isles Primary PL: 88.5 Hz
147.375/147.975: Falmouth Cape Cod and the Islands Alternate PL: 110.9 Hz
146.730/146.130: Barnstable Cape Cod and the Islands Alternate PL: 67.0 Hz


-The primary system for SKYWARN in Rhode Island is the NB1RI Linked system. As of 5/21/21, the link system capabilities remain fully operational.
145.170/144.570: Cumberland, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
145.190/144.590: West Greenwich, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
145.350/144.750: North Providence, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
146.460/144.960: West Greenwich, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
146.985/146.385: Exeter, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
147.075/147.675: Portsmouth, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
147.390/147.990: Westerly, RI PL: 67.0 Hz
146.760/146.160: Scituate Rhode Island State Liaison Backup PL: 67.0 Hz
146.700/146.100: Cranston Rhode Island ARES/Northern RI -Backup/Providence, RI EMA/RACES


146.535: Simplex CT Statewide Backup
146.790/146.190: Vernon Hartford/Tolland Counties CT PL 82.5 Hz***
147.000/147.600: Soapstone Hartford/Tolland Counties CT PL: 127.3 Hz
147.225/147.825: Killingly Windham County CT PL: 156.7 Hz
145.370/144.770: Torrington Litchfield County CT PL: 77.0 Hz. Part of KB1AEV linked system.###
146.850/146.250: Torrington Litchfield County CT PL: 141.3 Hz. Part of PVRA System (Backup)
146.775/146.175: Norwalk Fairfield County CT PL: 100.0 Hz
145.290/144.690: Killingworth Middlesex County CT PL:110.9 Hz.
147.505/146.505: West Haven New Haven County CT PL:77.0 1 MHz Offset
146.730/146.130: Norwich New London County CT PL:156.7 Hz.


REPEATER PAIR Area that Liaison is Provided
53.31/52.31 MEMA/NWS Liaison for Southern New England PL:71.9 Hz
146.970/146.370 West/Central MA, North CT Liaison PL: 114.8** (Paxton Repeater)
NB1RI Rhode Island linked Repeater System for Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut (See RI Listing for repeater frequencies)

HF Frequencies (Area Served) Liaison Area Served
3965 KHz: Connecticut ARES HF Connecticut ARES HF Net Liaison
7273 KHz: New Hampshire ARES HF New Hampshire ARES HF Net Liaison


Primary VoIP System: IRLP 9123/EchoLink Node #: 9123/*NEW-ENG3* EchoLink Conference Server
Secondary VoIP System: IRLP 9129/EchoLink Node #: 7203/*WX-TALK* EchoLink Conference Server
Secondary VoIP System: IRLP 9508/EchoLink Node #: 270177/*VKEMCOMM* EchoLink Conference Server

* – Signifies liaison frequencies that are also considered to have nets
for specific areas.

** – Signifies it is utilized for RACES primarily but has been used in
the past for auxiliary liaison to affected areas.

*** – Signifies a system that can be utilized to link into the New England Network/Gateway system on IRLP 9123/EchoLink *NEW-ENG3* Node: 9123 system, be linked to directly via Echolink/IRLP or on one of the secondary NWS Boston/Norton VoIP systems if the primary system is down.

IRLP 9122 is the Route 2 Corridor linked system and is monitored for SKYWARN Operations when the Route 2 area is affected. It includes the 145.45-Fitchburg and 145.370-Gardner Repeaters.

More information can be obtained on this VoIP system at the following link:

New England Reflector System

# – Signifies Co-Primary frequencies that will both be monitored for reports by NWS Boston/Norton or designated

### – The 145.37-Torrington, CT Repeater system is linked up to multiple repeaters in Connecticut. You can see the following link for the repeaters and EchoLink/IRLP capability that is on the system:

KB1AEV CT Linked System

NWS Boston/Norton will access the system either from the 444.100-East Killingly, CT Repeater or via EchoLink.

#### – Co-primary repeaters for Northern Worcester County

Note: The 146.64 Waltham Repeater is also used as a RACES primary. Past
situations have indicated that RACES & SKYWARN have shared the
frequency or worked out a plan for RACES to utilize the MMRA,
Minuteman Repeater Association linked repeater system as needed.

NOTE: The MMRA Repeater system can be utilized for SKYWARN and is currently utilized by Eastern Massachusetts ARES when needed. They can be used as individual repeaters or linked together and put on the designated Echolink/IRLP New England reflector system when needed. The key repeaters of the ARES configuration that could be used as SKYWARN individually or linked together can be seen at the following link: (Click 1st Week ARES Net for the linked configuration)

ARES SKYWARN Coordinator for NWS Boston/Norton Massachusetts