Special Announcement: Severe Weather Preparedness Week – 4/22/24-4/26/24 & Prior Flood Awareness Week – 3/11/24-3/15/24 Web Pages & Public Info Statements

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The week of Monday 4/22/24 through 4/26/24 is Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Southern New England and last month from 3/11/24-3/15/24 was Flood Awareness Week. The links below bring you to the NWS Boston/Norton Severe Weather Preparedness Week and Flood Awareness Week web site pages and Public Information Statements issued during these preparedness/awareness weeks:

NWS Boston/Norton Severe Weather Preparedness Week Page:

NWS Boston/Norton – Public Information Statements – Severe Weather Preparedness Week:

NWS Boston/Norton Flood Awareness Week Page:

NWS Boston/Norton – Public Information Statements – Flood Awareness Week:

We hope this summarized list of information is useful for severe weather and flood preparedness and awareness.

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