Post Tropical Storm Isaias Coordination Message #2 – Tuesday 8/4/20 Tropical Storm Isaias Impacts

Hello to all…

..The Facebook Photo Album has been updated with additional photos and the Amateur Radio report log has also been updated with additional reports and updates were made to the Power Outage headline with latest info on current state of power outages in Southern New England. We are continuing to take any reports and photos to add to the logs for the historical record. Remainder of this message is unchanged..
..Tropical Storm Isaias caused widespread pockets of tree, power line damage, some direct roof structural damage along with damage to homes from fallen trees and power outages particularly over Western and Central Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island with more scattered pockets of wind damage in Eastern Massachusetts. Sustained winds of 30-40 MPH with wind gusts of 50-60 MPH and isolated wind gusts to 70 MPH occurred across Southern New England. Several Tornado Warnings were issued in parts of Western and Central Massachusetts and Connecticut but no touchdowns have been confirmed as yet..
..At the height of the storm, close to 700,000 power were without power in Connecticut, around 240,000 in Massachusetts and 150,000 in Rhode Island. Across Southern New England, over 1,000,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm due to impacts from Tropical Storm Isaias. At the time of this coordination message, power was fully restored in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but Connecticut still had 208,577 without power showing the extent of the damage across that state..
..Amateur Radio SKYWARN Nets were active especially across Western and Central Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island bringing a continuous flow of storm damage information, pictures and videos for situational awareness. Non-Amateur Radio SKYWARN Spotters sent in reports, pictures and videos via the WX1BOX social media feeds and other means. We will still take photos and storm videos and will update the WX1BOX Facebook photo album posted through the end of this weekend and possibly beyond that time as needed. They can be sent over WX1BOX Facebook/Twitter social media feeds or to the email address with credit given to the SKYWARN Spotter or Amateur Radio Operator unless otherwise indicated. These pictures and videos will be utilized for the historical record in the publication Storm Data and a subset utilized in a Tropical Storm Isaias storm recap video that will be posted in the early Fall..
..This coordination message will be updated as we continue to put together the complete Amateur Radio Log of reports and update any additional pictures into the WX1BOX Facebook Photo Album. Below is the NWS Boston/Norton Public Information Statement on wind gusts, Local Storm Report on storm damage, Post Storm report on Isaias, WX1BOX Amateur Radio Log and WX1BOX Facebook Page Photo Album..

NWS Boston/Norton Public Information Statement – Wind Gust Information:

NWS Boston/Norton Local Storm Report – Storm Damage Reports:

NWS Boston/Norton Post Storm Report – Isaias:

WX1BOX Amateur Radio Log of Reports – Updated – 8/8/20:

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