Special Announcement: Donation Drive to the Blue Hill Observatory for the Mish Michaels Exhibit Hall for Scientific Discovery

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In March 2022, the meteorology, weather spotter and Amateur Radio communities mourned the loss of Mish Michaels as she gave so much to all of these respective communities given her passion for weather, weather education and public service. In March, we wrote a tribute to Mish Michaels for all she did for the SKYWARN and Amateur Radio community as did WBZ-TV and the Blue Hill Observatory where Mish and her family gave so much to Blue Hill for its support of weather education programs particularly for the young people of the community. Links to those tributes are listed below:

WX1BOX Amateur Radio team tribute to Mish Michaels including the WBZ-TV Channel 4 Tribute:

Blue Hill Observatory Remembers Mish Michaels:

Our Amateur Radio team has rarely, if ever, sent out a note regarding a donation drive but given so much Mish has done for our community and some requests from the broadcast meteorological community, we wanted to put out this message in support of a donation drive to the Blue Hill Observatory for the Mish Michaels Exhibit Hall for Scientific discovery at BHO. The following is information provided to us by Chief Emeritus Meteorologist, Harvey Lenoard, WCVB-TV Channel 5 regarding the donation drive for Mish. Those that can afford larger contributions will receive an invite to an event Wednesday August 10th from 530-730 PM at Trillium Brewery where Tim Kelley and Harvey Leonard will be speaking and for a ribbon cutting for the ceremony for the exhibit hall if the donation drive numbers can be met. See info below:

This past March, with the untimely passing of Mish Michaels, our meteorological community lost a very special and talented contributor to our field. Mish was a great colleague and a close personal friend. I had the opportunity to work closely with her during my years at WHDH. Mish was an extremely giving person. Mish touched so many lives, and she should never be forgotten.

Enclosed please take a moment to learn more about a fundraising effort for “The Mish Michaels Exhibit Hall for Scientific Discovery” being designed and built at Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA.

Any contribution you would like to make will be most appreciated.

Mish was involved with the Observatory for many years as a board member and volunteer educator. She actively engaged and encouraged thousands of young minds to pursue careers in the sciences.

Contributors giving $200 or more will be invited to a festive, early evening event on August 10th at Trillium Brewing Co in Canton, MA. Tim Kelley and I will be speaking.

And all contributors will be invited to a special and private ceremony when “The Mish Michaels Exhibit Hall for Scientific Discovery” is completed in early 2023.

Blue Hill Observatory’s Youtube Page

Donation Page

We hope those that are able understanding the toughening economic times can give what they can for this drive and we appreciate any support the SKYWARN weather spotting and Amateur Radio community can give to this cause. Many thanks to all of you for any support provided.

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