Post Storm/Severe Weather Coordination Message #2 – Damaging Wind and Severe Weather Outbreak – Wednesday 10/7/20

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..Powerful cold front and vigorous squall line of severe thunderstorms with damaging wind along and behind the severe thunderstorms causes widespread pockets of tree and power line damage as well as pockets of structural damage to structures from fallen trees and even isolated direct structural damage in some areas. Massachusetts Power Outages were as high as nearly 250,000 at the height of the storm with additional power outages reported in New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island..
..NWS Boston/Norton and the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) are determining whether this event was a result of a strong Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) or a weak derecho, which is Spanish for “big wind” from a complex of severe thunderstorms..
..Pictures and reports of storm damage and hail from the Wednesday 10/7/20 event will be helpful to document this damaging wind and severe weather outbreak and made a determination of the strength of the convective complex on Wednesday more completely. They can be sent via our WX1BOX Facebook and Twitter feeds, via the email address or as a reply to this email. When a determination is made, a final post severe weather coordination message will be sent..
..Below is the latest NWS Boston/Norton Local Storm Report with updated info, WX1BOX Amateur Radio Log with updated info and WX1BOX Facebook Photo Album on this damaging wind event and severe weather outbreak from Wednesday 10/7/20..

NWS Boston/Norton Local Storm Report:

WX1BOX Amateur Radio Log:

WX1BOX Facebook Photo Album:

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