Severe Weather Coordination Message – Monday Afternoon & Evening – 8/8/22 Severe Weather & Heat Potential

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..Extended period of heat and humidity continues through Tuesday for the region. Thunderstorms Friday brought Isolated severe weather to portions of interior Massachusetts and neighboring Southern New Hampshire during Friday Afternoon into early evening and isolated severe weather also occurred Sunday Afternoon and Evening in isolated to scattered locations. Saturday all storms stayed non-severe..
..Isolated to Scattered Thunderstorms with heavy downpours as the main threat with isolated strong to severe thunderstorms with strong to damaging winds, hail and heavy downpours leading to possible urban and poor drainage flooding are a secondary threat again Monday. The threat area is in interior Southern New England but over isolated locations. Most locations will end up largely dry today but a few isolated cities and towns in interior Southern New England could see an isolated to scattered non-severe thunderstorm with an isolated strong to severe thunderstorm possible similar ranging from what we have seen on Friday and Sunday or it could fail to produce any isolated severe thunderstorm activity like on Saturday..
..There is perhaps a slightly more elevated potential for isolated to scattered strong to severe thunderstorms on Tuesday as a cold front slowly moves toward Southern New England providing a bit more of a trigger and somewhat higher shear for isolated to scattered strong to severe thunderstorm development and this will be detailed in a coordination message later Monday Night or Tuesday Morning..
..A Heat Advisory is in effect through 800 PM Tuesday for all of the coverage area except Nantucket for heat indices in the 98-102 degree range. If outdoors and physically exerting yourself, slow down, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of non-caffeinated liquids..
..SKYWARN Self-Activation will monitor the isolated severe weather potential for this Monday afternoon and evening anytime from 200-800 PM today. This will be the only coordination message as we shift to operations mode. Below is the NWS Boston/Norton Area Forecast Discussion, Heat Advisory Statement and Links to the NWS Boston/Norton Local Storm Reports and WX1BOX Amateur Radio Logs from Friday and Sunday’s severe weather event. Pictures of storm damage can be sent as a reply to this email, via our Facebook and Twitter feeds or to the email address

NWS Boston/Norton Area Forecast Discussion:

NWS Boston/Norton Heat Advisory Statement:

NWS Boston/Norton Local Storm Report – Friday 8/5/22 and Sunday 8/7/22:

NWS Boston/Norton Amateur Radio Log – Friday 8/5/22 and Sunday 8/7/22:

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